Learning carding from wwh-club

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Обучение от WWH-CLUB / Вопросы по обучению.
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1 Янв 2014
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Telegram channel where posts actual training dates , terms for retraining, all current training changes: https://t.me/WWHCLUB888

WWH-CLUB invites you to get a new profession, a new type of income, a completely different kind of life! Which won`t takes all your time, help to change your views on making money, will show how you can earn , intellectually, friendly and interestingly , find perspective friends and team!
The main part of the WWH-CLUB project is: stuff carding is the purchase of goods in online stores at the expense of various ways of payment of residents of the USA / EUROPE / ASIA / with its realization, sale and profit. You will learn how to relax free in the resorts of Europe, America or Asia.

Total cost is 66.000 RUB ~900 USD
Necessary to have 200$ on aditional matherials
Groups are recruited every moth. The start of new group is reported every time in the training topic. Restrivtion of a group of 15 people.
This procedure is always standart
0) Write me a message
1) I need your nickname on wwh under you will training
2) Any quick contact for jabber
3) Make a deposit for a place in the amount of 10.000 rub by means of a QIWI , BTC , Yandex-Money. (deposit is not returned in case of failure)
4) I add you to the group Personal Message with the guys from your group. Open access to PC settings (text + video) , wich will need to be played before learning
5) 3 days before the start of training , you need to pay fuul amount of training. Full access to the forum and to its closed selection opens and training begins
1. Work is completely anonymous and 99.99% safe.
2. It is possible to work with any OS - MacOs / WIN / LINUX.
3. It is possible to work from any country, city and street.
4. When working it is possible to use the home Internet.
5. During the work does not require additional equipment.
6. Setting up the system takes no more than 4 hours. In case of difficulties, it helps your CURATOR.
7. If you miss training, it is always possible to read logging lessons, ask questions and go with everyone.
8. If you missed a lot, it is possible to transfer yourself to another month. Is free.
9. Normal time to work in carding: 10-12 hours a week to earn from $ 3.000 / month. You can work at the weekend.
10. Work is possible to build on any type of product. Clothing, electronics, digital goods and so on.
11. I do not have enough time to learn / once / too difficult / and so on. Can I get a refund? Tuition fees are not refundable.
1. Retraining can be done once a year for free.
2. A new student has the right, after basic training, to re-record for the next month. Further - by the basic rules (once a year free of charge).
3. If retraining takes place more than once a year, then 100 USD is valuable for retraining.
How to make a request to repeat? You need to write maks77 maks77 3 days before the start of the new group.
Not earlier.
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